Pixy Stix - 4 oz bag - box of 12

Pixy Stix - 4 oz bag - box of 12

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Product Details

Pixy Stix are candy powder filled straws in 4 flavors which are Grape, Maui Punch, Cherry, and Orange. This 4 oz bag holds roughly 49 stix.
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

Ah, pixy stix in the summer! I always bought them at the swimming pool because you could really enjoy your stix, get the sugary fun all on your hands & face & then jump in to "clean yourself off". To this day, the smell of chlorine, suntan lotion & pixy stix take me back to being 7 years old again. Grape flavor was my personal favorite & the GIANT pixy stix were the treat to have. It was all that length of sweet & tart candy in a plastic straw that didn't get squishy since most times my hands were wet from swimming. And besides, you could use the empty straw to keep little brother in line! Jana from Oklahoma
My favorite memory is going to our little corner store and buying penny candy. Pixie stix, wax soda bottles with juice in them, gum balls and jaw breakers. Candy necklaces and snaps. Linda from Minnesota
Fond memories of walking up the block to our main drag to buy a handful of Pixy Stix from our Drive-In, Cousin Herbs Orange Tower. I preferred the Lime and Cherry! Chuck from California

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