Penny Candy Grab Bag

Penny Candy Grab Bag

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Product Details

Old fashioned favorites just like you picked at the candy counter on the way home from school. It’s up to you if it lasts all the way home. Each Penny Candy Grab Bag is filled with over 30 pieces. A half-pound of delicious penny candy! Exact selection may vary. The bag measures 4.75 inches by 3 inches and is 8.5 inches tall, closed with a logo sticker.
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Old Time Candy Company

Candy Memories

When I was a kid my aunt & uncle owned a campground and maintained an old fashioned general store. One of the coolest sections was the candy counter. Besides the usual candy bars they also had penny candy. Literally a penny even in the 70's. I'm sure they lost some money on it but it was great to get a small bag full of candy for a quarter! One item I remember that I have rarely seen before or after was an orange slice. It wasn't the typical crescent shaped orange chewy with coarse sugar on it. These were cube shaped and stacked in a box with powdered sugar on them. I've been searching for them ever since! They were awesome. Randall from Pennsylvania
I can remember walking to and from school each day. "Joe Bevolocks" was the name of the store. Mom always told us that if we had candy money to wait until after school to get it. Back in those happy times we could get more than one piece of candy for a penny. "Joe" would shake open a brown paper candy sack and said, "what will it be today?" I liked fire balls, dots on a strip of paper and watermelon slices. If it was candy, I liked it, all but lemon, candy, I couldn't eat lemon. Sometimes if I had enough change, I would buy candy cigarettes and share with the kids who didn't have any money. Candy was all about sharing. :) Sheila from New York
I remember walking with my hand in my grandpa's hand going across the red brick street to go to the corner neighborhood store. There my grandpa would let me pick up the small brown paper bag and fill it with my choice of penny candy. I loved the sixlets, the cherry hard candy, and the root beer barrels. These were fond memories of my grandpa and of my youth. Kimberly from Indiana

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