Pay Day candy bar

Pay Day - 1.85 oz bar


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Product Details

Can't get enough peanuts? Try a PayDay peanut caramel bar, with sweet caramel and tons of salty peanuts.
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Candy Memories

As a small child, my mom went to work at a sewing factory here in Andalusia, Alabama. My brother and I had to stay with my aunt while mom was at work. We were not very happy that mom was not at home with us but she promised us a surprise when she got paid. Her first payday and ever other payday thereafter, she would bring us a Payday candy bar. We looked forward to mom's payday but we especially looked forward to our "Payday" candy bar. Shirley from Alabama
Being from a large family mom and dad never had much money left to buy candy for us. But i could always remember my Aunt (dad's sister) who was nurse come though the door every Friday carrying a brown paper bag and letting us know it was payday. And that's exactly what we got a payday.(Never really knew it meant she got paid .) Pet from Louisiana
For a while, Payday candy bars were made with a chocolate coating. I just don't understand why they stopped. These bars were absolutely delicious. I will continue to look for them. Carrie from Ohio

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Maggie Gibson



I bought these to be part of a volunteer thank-you package. They arrived in good condition and I know they're good!


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