Orange Slices - 6.75 oz bag - box of 12

Orange Slices - 6.75 oz bag - box of 12

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Product Details

Orange Slices are sugar coated jelly candies with an orange flavor. A bag contains about 12 pieces.
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Additional Information


Penn Dutch

Candy Memories

I grew up with a dad who loved orange slices candy and always had them around the house. So, all my life the phrase "orange slices" meant those candies Dad loved. When my sister was getting married, I wanted to make a special brunch for the bridesmaids. The mulled apple cider recipe called for apple juice, a number of spices, and "6 orange slices."
As I put the ingredients on the counter to prepare the recipe, the bridesmaids burst into laughter as I set the orange slices candy on the counter - not realizing that the recipe meant "slices of an orange" - even though it said orange slices! No matter how fancy I try to be with my recipes, my family and friends won't let me live down how I brought orange slices candy for my cider recipe. Jill from Missouri

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