Oh Henry - 1.8 oz bar

Oh Henry - 1.8 oz bar

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Product Details

Each Oh Henry candy bar package contains 2 peanutty, caramel fudge bars in rich milk chocolate.
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

I grew up on the "Jersey Shore". My sister and I were both born on the same day thus we were able to share a birthday tradition together. Each year we would walk to the Boardwalk and head towards the Wheel Of Candy stand. We both had three dollars worth of dimes and placed them on each spot. When the wheel would spin and stop we were always winners! I would say, "here, you pick for your birthday present" and she would return the favor. We always chose a whole box of Oh Henry Candy each. It was fun to see them available to me once again. Since our birthday is coming up and I am going to be fifty I plan to order a box! And I think I will send one to my sister as well! Jan from New Jersey
Candy Memory: During the Depression, I lived on a farm in West Texas. My Mother and I raised chickens and sold the eggs for spending money -- the only money we had until the cotton was harvested in the fall. We drove 20 miles to La Mesa where the grocery store would buy the eggs. On a good day, I would be given ten cents to buy candy. In 1935 candy bars were a nickel. I loved chocolate! OhHenry's and Hershey bars were my favorite. Oh Henry's are hard to find now. My daughter gives me a box of them for Christmas. I savored those Hershey bars square by square to last me until the next week. So many memories wrapped up in a candy bar. Betty from California
I remember back in the 70's when my father used to bring home a giant sized Oh Henry bar every Friday,we would sit and wait for him to come home from work with it. And we would spoil our dinner. Tracy from Florida

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