Now & Later Chewy Original Mix - 2.44 oz pack

Now & Later Chewy Original Mix - 2.44 oz pack

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Product Details

Chewy Now and Laters in an 16-piece pack. There are 4 pieces of 4 flavors in each package, which may include, Banana, Grape, Apple, Cherry, and Strawberry. The pieces are just under an inch square.
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

When I was around 5-6 years old and losing my baby teeth, I hated having them pulled when they were loose (or worse - the fear of the doorknob and string trick being used!). I discovered you could chew on a Now & Later (which I thought were called 'Annihilator') and if your tooth was already very loose, it would stick to the candy and come out painlessly. Besides loving the candy, they turned out to be VERY handy! Lesia from Alabama
Now & Laters bring me back to my school days .Chewing them in class and trying to stick it to the roof of your mouth when called on to read aloud in class.Great memories. Marie from Louisiana
Now and Laters! We used to walk to the corner store and purchase different flavors so that we could mix them in our mouths for a combo flavor. Sometimes we would open all the packages, mix them in a bowl, close our eyes, pick two, then put them in our mouths to figure out what flavors we picked. We would have so much fun! And because we were kids, we never called them Now and Laters. We called them "nowlaters" or "nallaters." We would also use the wrappers to make mini paper airplanes and see which plane would go the farthest. Good times!! Nafeisa from Texas

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