Now & Later - banana

Now & Later - banana - 0.93 oz pkg - 6-pack

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Product Details

Each 0.93 oz Now and Laters pack has 6 individually wrapped pieces of hard taffy... some for now and some for later.
Please note: These packs have been pre-priced at 25 cents by the manufacturer which is great if you are Wal-Mart but not for a small company like ours. We simply cannot sell it at this price. We hope you understand.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

Additional Information


Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

When I was a child I remember falling in love with the Now & Later candies. Back then they had so many flavors, some in which you can't find in your local stores such as banana. I would always ask my dear Mom if I could get some of the small packs ( which where ten cents!). So she talked to me about earning extra money by recycling and how it would help our planet ! Well I certainly wanted to do my part in helping our planet and I definitely could use the extra money. So my brothers, cousins and I started collecting cans and taking them each weekend to our local recycling center. After we would get our money from recycling the cans, the first place I wanted to stop by was our neighborhood store to get $1 worth of Now & Laters! My brothers and cousins would buy toys or fingernail polish etc...but I would always by my favorite candy! To me then, that was a lot of candy! I felt good about saving the planet and having a new stash of Now & Laters! Until this day I still by them! I have some in my candy jar right now! Natasha from Texas
During lunch i would go to the sugar high store aka candy factory and buy a load of banana flavored Now & Laters they were like 5 cents a piece at that time i would buy about $3.00 worth boy was i a happy camper back then. Mattie from California

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