Nerds Rainbow - 5 oz theater box - case of 12

Nerds Rainbow - 5 oz theater box - case of 12


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Nerds are tiny, tangy, crunchy candy in a rainbow of flavors.
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

Well when I was little I used to eat nerds all day every day, but this one day I remember really well. My mom all the time told me that I ate nerds so much that I was going to turn into one. So I went to school the next day and a whole bunch of the bigger kids were picking on a boy named James.
He was wearing a shirt that was pink on one side and the other side was purple and he looked just like a box of nerds. So one of the big kids called him a nerd and I got really scared. So when I got home my mom had just went shopping and she brought me home a bag of nerds. When I saw them I ran into my room and told her I didn't like nerds anymore.
Well finally she got me out of my room and I told her the real story and I told her that I was afraid I would turn into a nerd too. Then when she explained to me what the big kid really meant I felt kinda dumb. Well ever since then I still haven't eaten nerds, but now that I've told the story I think I'll go get some right now:) Shawna from Maryland

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: D Hill


Gift for German Friend

These were purchased as a gift for a German friend who cannot get Nerds in Bavaria. The gift was well received and enjoyed


Ratings & Reviews

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