Milky Way Midnight (Forever Yours) - 1.76 oz bar

Milky Way Midnight (Forever Yours) - 1.76 oz bar

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Product Details

Forever Yours has a new name - Milky Way Midnight, a candy bar with rich dark chocolate, caramel and nougat.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Mars, Inc.

Candy Memories

The Forever Yours candy bar seems to conjure up remembrances of romance for many but for me I simply like the taste on them far more than the regular Milky Way bars. I do however enjoying them quite a lot while riding the double deck buses in NYC during the late 40's. For a nickel, you could ride all the way from 168th street down to Washington Square and the village. Coming back was just the reverse as it moved along the classy canyon of 5th avenue with all the dazzling stores whizzing slowly by and then up Broadway to Riverside Drive with its marvelous views of the Hudson river. The taste of the rich, dark chocolate seemed to heighten the experience and provided me with hundreds of hours of relaxing travel that is impossible to duplicate today. While the candy bar is still available with a new name, the ride is passé today since the streets no longer run the same directions and the old double decker has become a trendy and pricey tourist event. Oh well... at least you can still enjoy that great taste proving at least that something can still be Forever Yours. Ted from West Virginia
When I would accompany my mom to the grocery store in the early sixties, I could bank on getting a Forever Yours candy bar is I behaved. I loved those candy bars. When we would get to the check out, my mom would say to pick up two of the candy bars. I was always thrilled. We would sit outside of the store and enjoy them together. She knew that I could not wait to get home to open up that chocolate bar. Sadly both the candy bars and my mom are long gone. But I have the memory of those quiet times that we got to send together just enjoying each other. Tom from Ohio

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