Mallo Cups Dark - 1.5 oz 2-pack

Mallo Cups Dark - 1.5 oz 2-pack

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Product Details

Dark Mallo Cups are dark chocolate cups with a whipped creamy center and a sprinkle of coconut. There are 2 cups per package. Yes, they still come with the coupons.
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Boyer Candy

Candy Memories

When I was young my dad and I loved eating Mallo Cups together. One day we decided to send the cards that were in every pack in for the $1 that you can get for saving them. It took us awhile to get enough to send in but we finally did it. When we received that 1 dollar bill you would have thought we had hit the lottery but it wasn't about the money. It was about my dad and I sharing something together that made it worthwhile. He passed away from cancer when I was only 13 years old and to this day every time I eat a Mallo Cup I feel like he's right there beside me helping me eat them so we can save those little cardboard squares to get that one dollar bill in the mail. Betty from Texas
I remember saving soda bottles , returning them to the store and buying Mallo Cups. A treat still to this day. Saving the bonus coins and dollars to send in for free Mallo Cups. It was fun as an adult to actually visit the factory-outlet in Altoona. It is still made here in the good old USA. Michelle from Michigan
First candy I bought myself - At 11 years old I started setting pins at a bowling alley. I was the smallest boy there. We made just enough to buy one - two pack of Mallo Cups for every game I sat. This was in 1958. The owner had a candy case in the bowling alley so I sat a game and bought a Mallo Cup. Loved it. Howard from Kentucky

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