Life Savers - 5 flavors - 1 roll

Life Savers - 5 flavors - 1 roll

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Product Details

Old time favorite hard candies with the hole in the middle. In 2003 the flavors were changed. Today the flavors include cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange and pineapple.
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Candy Memories

The first commercial I remember--I was born in 1954 in Puerto Rico--was a Lifesavers ad that featured King Midas. King Midas picks up a hamburger, which turns into gold the moment he touches it. The narrator says: 'Everything that King Midas touched turned to gold, and he was sick of it.' Sure enough, when he realizes that the hamburger is of gold, he throws it away in disgust. He calls out: 'Fairy Godmother!' His fairy godmother appears, and he tells her in a pleading voice: 'Fairy godmother, no more gold!' The fairy godmother responds: 'Well, Midas, now you'll have Lifesavers', and with her wand she makes Lifesavers appear. The ad ends with Midas delightedly eating Lifesavers, while the narrator says: 'fue feliz el rey Midas comiendo ricos Salvavidas.' And King Midas was very happy eating delicious Lifesavers. Sender Unknown
In 1976, during my first semester college French oral exam, I was clearly flailing. My vocabulary was awful and my accent even worse. About half way through the final, my French professor whipped out a roll of Life Savers and offered me one, just like in the commercials. A classic Life Savers moment! Marcia from California

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