Life Savers - 5 flavors - box of 20 rolls

Life Savers - 5 flavors - box of 20 rolls


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Product Details

Old time favorite hard candies with the hole in the middle. In 2003 the flavors were changed. Today the flavors include cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange and pineapple.
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Candy Memories

When I was growing up, I could always look forward to getting a Life Saver 'book' in my Christmas stocking. I loved going through my stocking on Christmas morning and finding the Life Savers. I liked them because they were something that would last for weeks after Christmas. My favorite flavors were Pep-o-mint, Butter Rum, and Wild Cherry. I liked the assorted flavors, but my older sister would always look to see what Life Saver was coming up next and ask for that one. I felt torn between being nice to my sister and being selfish. Some days she got the one she wanted and some days she didn't.
One time I asked a friend of mine to give me her red panty hose after she got a run in them. Before Christmas, I crammed the panty hose full of goodies. Then I put them under the tree for my mom on Christmas morning. It was the only time I know that my mom got a stocking on Christmas morning. I made sure there was a book of Life Savers in her stocking. And I learned just how much panty hose can stretch! Mom got several years worth of stocking stuffers that Christmas. Brian from California
Whenever, my mother took me to the doctor she would always get me a special treat. I would gets a special mommy daughter lunch and two rolls of lifesavers, fruit flavor and my favorite tangerine. Looking back it made all those doctor visits less frightening to have my mother by my side. Anita from Oklahoma

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Cliff


Pleased with both product and service.

Delivered as promised and on time. Was able to track until arrival.


Ratings & Reviews

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