Licorice Twists - black - 8 oz bag

Licorice Twists - black - 8 oz bag


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Product Details

These flavored Licorice Twists are 6.5 inches long and there are roughly 20 in a 8 oz bag.
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Kenny's Candy

Candy Memories

First introduction to candy was awesome! My parents were very much against sweets. I was blessed my grandparents were not. I can remember my Thanksgiving visit to there house and on there coffee table in there glass candy jar they had black licorice bits. I snuck one without my parents seeing me. Can still remember the Yummy taste, and maybe why black licorice is my favorite candy. After our meal I proceeded to eat the whole jar! From that point I was a sweetsteer! Doug from North Carolina
Occasionally my dad would drive to the corner convenience store to pick up some milk. My eyes lit up when I saw him not only carrying milk but also some Black Licorice. I remember thinking back then, I'm going to be a terrible parent someday because I'd never share my candy. Nancy from California
As a child I grew up in an area that had a candy store right around the corner. What a wonderful world it is to be able to go into a candy store that is filled with a variety of goodies. I remember cashing in soda bottles so I could spend it there. I could fill a bag with licorice, chocolate and those funny little flying saucer things with the tiny candy beads inside. Oh how I loved that store. Your web site reminds me of that candy store. I can't wait to shop. Nancy from New York

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Paige


Licorice Twists

These licorice twists were just ok. They were not very soft and did not have a really good licorice flavor. I have had better.


Ratings & Reviews

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