Licorice Allsorts - 13 oz bag - case of 12

Licorice Allsorts - 13 oz bag - case of 12


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Product Details

Licorice Allsorts consist of licorice candies sold as a mixture of various shapes, sizes and colors. These confections are made of licorice, sugar, coconut, aniseed jelly, fruit flavorings, and gelatin.
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Candy Memories

I remember Licorice Allsorts as my introduction to licorice as a kid. Every weekend my family went to the Mall and they had a Woolworth's in which my family purchased their candy. My grandfather was a huge fan of licorice allsorts and I have loved licorice since then. My grandparents always kept a rotation of vintage candy in their home and I'm glad they introduced me to the classic candies. They always bring back fond memories :) Brad in Florida

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Kathy



I love Licorice Allsorts, but most of the time the candy is not very fresh. I ordered a case of 12 bags from Old Time Candy, and every single bag was fresh. The candy was delicious. I am definitely ordering from Old Time Candy again. Another happy surprise: Receiving a discount code to use on my next order.


Ratings & Reviews

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