Lemonheads - 5 oz theater box

Lemonheads - 5 oz theater box

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Product Details

Lemonheads are small panned candies with an tart lemon flavor, one of the first sour candies made.
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

I remember when I was in third grade and walked to school. On the way there there was a little store and would stop there on the way out to buy 3 cent candy... it was always a little box of lemonheads because I loved to eat them one by one as I shook the box with the remaining ones imagining that they gave me some sort of energy! They were my energy lemons I recall. Now, every-so-often I buy a box of lemonheads and reminisce. Eli from Nevada
My time in kindergarten is a wonderful memory. Carefree days filled with playing with friends, running around on the playground, and learning new things from a teacher that I admired. At the end of class there my beautiful mother would be in the doorway with my baby sister in her stroller. Many times my mother would have a box of Lemonhead candy that we would share as we walked home. As I would tell her stories of my adventure filled day, the sweet candy would make me smile as it turned tart on my tongue. These were special times with my mother as my baby sister was too young for candy and I didn't have to share with her. Poor little sister. More candy for my mother and me! Melinda in Washington state

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