Junior Mints - 3.5 oz theater box

Junior Mints - 3.5 oz theater box

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Product Details

Junior Mints are small creamy mints in pure dark chocolate.
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Tootsie Roll Industries

Candy Memories

Junior Mints are amazing. What could be better than chocolate and mint together? I loved them as a kid, and I still love savoring them at movie theaters. But they taught me a life lesson when I was very young - probably about 4 or 5.
I went to a local grocery store/gas station with my parents, and as the cashier was checking them out, I grabbed a box of Junior Mints. The cashier didn't see me, so I slipped out of the store with the goods. When my parents noticed I had candy, they smacked my bottom and made me go into the store, return the Junior Mints and apologize to the cashier. At the time I was embarrassed and humiliated (as much as a 4-year-old can be), but now I thank my parents for that. And I pay for all of my Junior Mints to this day. Traci from Texas
When my little brother was around 5 or 6 mom took us to see the movie Freaky Friday. Mom bought us our popcorn, sodas and of course Junior Mints. About half way through the movie my brother started crying and made himself sick. He said he was scared that he was going to turn into our mom and she was going to become him. It was so bad that we had to leave the theater. (My sister and I told him that if he ate a junior mint he would become mom). Tambra from Ohio

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