Junior Mints - 1.8 oz box

Junior Mints - 1.8 oz box

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Product Details

Junior Mints are small creamy mints in pure dark chocolate.
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Tootsie Roll Industries

Candy Memories

The Temple Theatre in Saginaw, Michigan, showed old classic films in the 80s and 90s. There was an organ overture and an intermission, and the best musicals, comedies, and dramas from the 30s to the 60s. Nearly every weekend, my sister and I begged to go as she loved old musicals and comedies and I loved Humphrey Bogart and dramas.
When we arrived, my sister and I would make a beeline for the candy counter where we would purchase Junior Mints for 50 cents. We would then run up to the balcony and try to secure a spot in the front row, where we could clearly see the screen, the people below, and the organist. We would open our boxes of Junior Mints and take just one out, and then dangle our arms over the balcony while holding the Junior Mint between two fingers. We would stay like that until my mother turned around and yelled, ÔæìGirls!Ôæî and then we would sit back, giggling, and eat the candy during the organ overture.
We never actually dropped a Junior Mint on the people below, but my mother always feared that we would. The theatre doesn't show those movies anymore and I've moved away, but whenever I eat Junior Mints I remember two giggling little girls sitting in the balcony, enjoying mints and music. Jennifer from North Carolina
In 9th grade me and a boy sat in the back of English class and passed notes and shared a box of Junior Mints candy. Linda from California

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