Jujubes - 5.5 oz theater box (Candy)

Jujubes - 5.5 oz theater box


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Product Details

Jujubes are small, chewy candies in assorted fruit flavors of lime (green), violet (purple), lemon (yellow), wild cherry (red) and lilac (orange).
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

I was raised in Hollywood, California. My mom was a movie reviewer on radio KMPC and used to take me to movie premiers on the Boulevard 2 or 3 times a week from 1953 until 1959. Although I enjoyed Charms candy drops and the occasional Big Hunk, 9 times out of 10 I got a box of Jujubes.
Mom liked them because they would keep me occupied for most of the feature (we usually had 2 features, a cartoon and newsreel most of the time) and also it was not messy to eat. The flavors of Jujubes were also very neat. The grape and the lime were my very favorites because they tasted so rich in flavor.
If I was very good, and took out the trash or something else particularly good, mom would come home with a box of Jujubes as a treat. I kept them in my "secret cigar box" with my picture postcard collection, cowboy sheriff badge, and toy cars. Christian from California
The few times we were able to go to the movies, my sister (she was older than me) would say she could nor wait to buy some ju ju bees (don't know how to spell the buggers!) and I would hope I could get some walnettos. if she was lucky enough to buy her Ju Ju things, and I was lucky enough to buy the walnut things, She would eat a big bunch of my walnut things, and I did not like her ju ju things, so she got the best of two candy lands!!! ( cause she was older?? ) and a girl!!!!!!!!!! Fred from Florida
I was born in 1953. I went to my first movie which was Bambi. My Dad stopped at the candy stand and bought my brothers and I one candy. We picked out our own. I picked out juju's because it looked like it had a lot in it. Even now when I go to a movie I look for them. My favorite candy ever. Suzanne from Florida

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: elizabeth



i loved these as a kid. haven't had them in years. good as i remembered. only thing i noticed different was they weren't as indented as they used to be. i couldn't make them stick on my tongue. i will be purchasing them again.


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