Jolly Ranchers - Assorted - 8 oz container

Jolly Ranchers - Assorted - 8 oz container

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Product Details

Jolly Ranchers are small, hard candies that come in assorted fruit flavors which are grape, apple, watermelon, cherry and blue raspberry. They are packed in a Saf-T-Fresh plastic tub which is resealable and recyclable.
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Candy Memories

I was losing my baby teeth and, as everyone knows, was having a painful time of getting them out. I decided a change was in order. I figured that the painful part was all the wiggling and pulling it out sideways; if I could find something sticky to pull it out straight, then it would be a lot easier. The solution came to me while I was sucking on a Jolly Rancher in the car. When you bite a Jolly Rancher you've just put in your mouth, it sticks to your teeth pretty good. With this method I pulled out 7 teeth near painlessly. Bevan from Minnesota
My first significant candy memory is stopping at the little corner gas station and picking up a few Jolly Rancher Kisses, cherry and apple for me. They were two or three for a penny. Yes I am that old! lol. Anyway I would stop there on the way to my Brownie meetings as the station was right next door. I remember wishing the meetings were more than once a week so I could get kisses more than once a week. To this day I don't think my mom knows of my little candy stop on the way to Brownies. Tracy from California

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