Jimmi Stix 1.8 oz - box of 20

Jimmie Stix 1.8 oz - box of 20

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Product Details

Another favorite from the Boyer Brothers! Jimmie Stix are pretzels covered in peanut butter and then covered in chocolate. Each package contains two 4 inch sticks. Yes, they include the paper money just like the Mallo Cups!
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Boyer Candy

Candy Memories

Seeing Mallo Cups reminds me of my first crush. One day, when I was a little girl, my family and I went to a department store. A teenage stock boy was carrying a large box and accidentally struck me with it as I was on my way out of the store. I wasn't upset about it, but he was. He stopped our car in the driveway to apologize and to give me a Mallo Cup candy bar. I was in love! I got over my crush on the stock boy in about a week, but Mallo Cups are still my all-time favorite candy. Holly from Louisiana
Back in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa., our corner grocery had a nice variety of candy bars and bags. The grocer charged a nickel each, but sold us 6 for a quarter. I remember biting into a Mallo Cup and all the marshmallowy, creamy, goodness with a bit of coconut in there, surrounded by milk chocolate. Of course, Mallo Cups had "money" inside printed on cardboard. From a penny to a dollar. Once you saved $10, you could send away for a whole CARTON of Mallo Cups! It was a kids wildest dream (and a parent's worst nightmare - tooth decay). It took so long to save the coins, but one particular summer, I started saving in earnest. Some of my friends couldn't be bothered, so I asked for their money, Finally, I was less than $3.00 from the total and had 15 cents and went to the store with a friend. He said, "Let me pick the ones out." "OK", I said. I watched as he pointed out 3 Mallo cups from the stack of candy on the shelf. We had just walked out the door and I opened the first one, and Wow! it was a Mallo Cup Dollar bill!! I gave him one to say thanks, and there was 50 cents! I was going to save the last cup for later, but tore into it and I couldn't believe my eyes...It was ANOTHER Mallo Cup $1.00 bill! I made it! The next day, with papers covered with taped on Mallo coins and bills, I put it into an envelope, and a few stamps and handed it to our mailman. Now the long wait began! About 2-3 weeks later, mom said I had a package in the mail. I tore it open and it was like hitting the lottery (for a kid) and I stood face-to-face with a CARTON of creamy smooth Mallo Cups, and they each had more money in them. What a summer to remember! I still love Mallo Cups, but, alas, the days of collecting the Mallo Money have gone...along with my childhood. Ken from South Carolina

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