Jelly Belly 3.5 oz bag of 20 flavors

Jelly Belly 3.5 oz bag of 20 flavors - box of 12

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Product Details

Jelly Belly are the jelly beans made famous by President Reagan in the 1980s. Each bag has 20 assorted flavors.
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Jelly Belly

Candy Memories

I remember the olden days of my youth when I would delight in a delicious morsel of Jelly Belly....at least I thought they were delicious until I found one flavor that will haunt my dreams for eternity. What was the flavor you ask? I WILL tell you. It was buttered popcorn, a flavor that should never be crystallized in candy form. It's like making beef or ham flavored candy. No one wants this.
I accidentally ate this flavor one day. It was a day I will never forget...I popped it into my mouth and a shriek of utter terror exploded from my throat, as did the bean... I will never swallow popcorn flavored candy...NEVER! Mark my words. To be sure I never eat this flavor again I will never eat another yellow or white bean, especially not a speckled one (those ones are tricksters). From Allison in Utah

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