Jawbreakers - 2 inch Bruiser on a Stick

Jawbreakers - 2 inch Bruiser on a Stick

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Product Details

If you are looking for larger jawbreakers, check out these individually wrapped Bruisers on a stick. They come in assorted specked colors.
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Sconza Candy

Candy Memories

Once a month if I was good I got to go to the candy store-- Mr. Buckley's inside the mall--and get me a HUGE megabrusier jaw breaker. It was such a treat and it lasted all month if you didn't bust it up! Angela from Mississippi
As a young girl, the latest candy was giant jawbreakers and everyone was enjoying them. I remember I got one and had the whole thing in my cheek, and Mom kept saying 'you're gonna break that jaw!' Of course knowing better than Mom I didn't listen, and boy did I have a sore jaw for a few days. Didn't stop me though! I loved those things and continued enjoying them for a long time. Monica from Iowa
When I was about 10 my older sister was 14, and she had a giant white speckled jawbreaker that was so pretty and mysterious to me. She hid it in her room in one of her clothes drawers. I would sneak into her room at night when she slept and get it out of her clothes drawer and put it in my underwear drawer, the last place she would ever go). While she was doing homework later in the afternoon after school, I would enjoy this mysterious jawbreaker for hours until dinner time and I would sneak in to put it back later after dinner or at night when she was sleeping. She did find out one day when I was caught, jawbreaker in hand, tongue coated in white from the delicious candy. I always remember this when I think about candy and that makes me happy because my sister lives in Florida now with her two children (well almost, one is on the way) and I have such fond memories of our relationship that when I thought about this memory with the jawbreaker my eyes filled with tears because of the love I have for her! Ashley from Kentucky

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