Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar - 1.55 oz

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar - 1.55 oz


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Product Details

Milk Chocolate Bar made with the famous Hershey's chocolate. They still have the lines so that you can break it into pieces.
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Candy Memories

I remember when my sister and I would sneak downstairs after my mom just went to the store. We would steal the pack of Hershey bars my mom keeps in the drawer by the oven. She thought we didn't know of her little hiding spot. We took the candy and ran outside. Then we climbed the big oak tree in the backyard and stored the Hershey bars in an old tackle box of my dad's. My mom always found out. Joanne from Minnesota
When my grandson was little, every time I bought a hershey bar I would share it with him. Now that he is older every time he buys a hershey bar he shares it with me! Mike from Pennsylvania
When I was 3 to 8 years old my brothers and I would get a nickle each week from our neighbor. We would walk to the little store/soda shop and buy a Hershey bar. It was huge and had the sections marked off with the letters. My big brother would break it into sections and count them out so that we each had the same amount and then we would get to eat it. I was the youngest part of that time so I rarely got to eat my second piece but that first piece melting in my mouth was something I looked forward to all week. Nance from Vermont

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Posted by: Christopher Cooke



Fast delivery...yummy


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