Heath - 1.4 oz bar - box of 18 bars

Heath - 1.4 oz bar - box of 18 bars


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Product Details

A Heath Bar is a milk chocolate English toffee candy bar.
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Candy Memories

Was in my second year of collage at NYU, and I was meeting my high school Latin teacher. She was in New York City with her annual Latin Club trip to a Broadway show. Meeting a high school teacher of mine again stirred up a reminiscent feeling in me.
Among my memories was of the Heath bar I gave to my particularly close young lady friend of mine the last time I saw her before she moved away one summer. At the time I was in Dean & Deluca and I decided to buy a Heath bar to give sweet succor to my memory of her. I was awestruck when I recognized her coming through the doorway. We had a lovely conversation. She still had the Heath bar I had given her. Michael from Pennsylvania
Every Friday we would run to meet my Dad who was coming home on the bus from New York. There were 8 children in my family, and we would race to him running like crazy to get to hug him first! The most wonderful surprise was He would always have 8 Heath bars in his pockets!! The screams of joy could be heard all the way up to our house. I love this memory and how amazing my Dad was, he remembered all of us! Jill from California

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Posted by: nita peacock



Lov'em....sorry: no sharing!!


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