Heath - 1.4 oz bar (Candy)

Heath - 1.4 oz bar

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Product Details

A Heath Bar is a milk chocolate English toffee candy bar.
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Candy Memories

Growing up in Robinson Illinois, I was fortunate to be able to eat Heath Toffee Bars at an early age. Having little money, it was a real treat for us to be able to get a candy bar, so we chose Heath. My grandmother lived only two blocks from the Heath factory where they made dairy products and excelled at making ice cream. We would always eat the chocolate from the toffee and then eat the toffee.
Now, 50 some years later, I still eat Heath candy bars, and eat them the same way. While I was in the Marine Corps, I traveled around the world, and everywhere I went, I could find Heath candy bars. I have always been proud of my home town, and will never forget my favorite candy bar, Heath! Jerry from Oklahoma
My best friend and i used to walk to the bus stop every day to and from school... everyday we got the same donut from the bakery and on our way home at our local variety store we always got the same "heath bar" candy bar....my best friend has since passed away but the memory will always live on..miss you Paula! Esther from Maine
When I was a little girl, y grandfather used to round up all of the grandchildren and he would give each of us a quarter and a penny and then he'd walk with us to the little store, "Hoppie's Food Mart" it was called, and the owner was a good friend of my grandparents. The owner would let us walk behind the counter - a very big deal back in those days - and he would give each of us a tiny brown paper bag and we'd pick out TWENTY-FIVE pieces of penny candy and then pay him the quarter and penny. Can you just imagine having 25 pieces of candy?! We were so excited! Then when the Heath Candy bar came out and my older cousin bought one for 15 cents, I bought one myself and still got 10 pieces of penny candy for a total of 26 cents! What great memories I have of those days. My cousins and I would go back to our grandparents home and share and trade candy all afternoon! We all thought our grandparents were wonderful because they would do this for us on the weekends. I'll always remember those special days of walking to the candy store. Sharon from Virginia

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