Grapeheads - 0.8 oz box - box of 24

Grapeheads - 0.8 oz box - box of 24

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Product Details

Grapeheads are small panned candies with an tart grape flavor. They used to be called Alexander the Grape.
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

As a child growing up in Monroe, Louisiana in 70s, there was always someone in the neighborhood who had a "house" candy store. Whether it was underneath the garage or some makeshift store built with aluminum siding, a candy store was there, and you could get pickles, pig feet, Mary Janes, Now and Laters, Red Hots, Lemonheads, and of course, Alexander the Grape candy.When I stayed the weekend with my grandmother, I would go to the candy store and buy Alexander the Grape candy for ten cents a box. I love any grape flavored candy, but this one fascinated me the most because I was intrigued with my purple tongue.
I was reminiscing with my students about the food and candy we ate in the old days, and I was childlike talking about my obsession with this candy. When I travel, I search the gas stations along my route seeking out my favorite grape candy. I could never find it. Well, my birthday was approaching and one of my students gave me this website as a gift. Now, I feel like I could walk on water; of course, I would rather stay on land and eat my Grapeheads. Shelisa from Louisiana

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