Good & Plenty - 1.8 oz box

Good & Plenty - 1.8 oz box


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Product Details

Good and Plenty, soft and chewy licorice candy. Do you remember the "Choo Choo Charlie" commercials on your black and white TV? Good & Plenty... Plenty Good!
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Candy Memories

I remember when I was around 4 years old I begged my dad to get me a big box of good and plenty. I was so excited that he got it and I ran across the street singing "choo choo good and plenty" "good and plenty" shaking the box and to my surprise the box came open and all of the good and plenty went all over the street. My dad would not let me pick them up and save them. I was totally heart broken, but now days I'm still hooked. When I was pregnant with my first child I craved good and plenty and still do. It's my favorite candy. Dolores from Indiana
Walking to the corner candy store with my best friend and neighbor Jeana and singing the Good & Plenty jingle all the way there... Natalie from New Jersey
Sharing my Good N Plenty with my very old mare and her trying to steal the whole box. Had to chase her to get it back. Rebecca from Colorado

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Posted by: Lou Klein



Everything was delivered fast and fresh. As now and in the past everything was perfect.


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