Gold Mine Bubble Gum - 2 oz bag - box of 24

Gold Mine Bubble Gum - 2 oz bag - box of 24


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Product Details

Gold Mine Bubble Gum comes in a cloth bag with tie string and 2 ounces of gold colored bubble gum "nuggets."
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SP Enterprises

Candy Memories

When I was a little girl, my mother would send my brother and me to get milk at a little corner store about 5 streets over. We could use the change to get something if we found something. Of course things were much cheaper then. They always had a large variety or so it seemed. Chocolate footballs, fortune gum, and of course gold mine gum. We thought we were it if we bought these. We would rush to get home so we could play pirates and treasure. Of course the gum was the hit with the neighbor kids also. Connie from Tennessee
Little draw string bags of pebbley cherry candy. Also had Gold Rush, little draw string bags of yellow pebbley gum . My brothers and I would pretend we had bags of gold and hide them. If one of us found someone elses, we would have to share. Cathy from Missouri

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Chris B


Gold Rocks Bubble Gum

I bought a whole box because I sit and eat the whole bag at once. It is Dubble Bubble and I don't think it is as good as what I used to get, but still good.


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