Gobstoppers - 5 oz theater box

Gobstoppers - 5 oz theater box

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Product Details

Everlasting Gobstoppers are one of Willy Wonka's favorites. They are jaw breakers that change colors and flavors.
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

Unfortunately, they no longer make the larger size gobstoppers, but that's ok, so long as they never stop making them! Most people would not recall, but a long time ago in the 80's, Wonka came up with a brilliant plan (brilliant for us Gobstopper lovers that is) to put a Buy 2, Get 1 free coupon on the back of their individual boxes.
Being the Gobstopper junkie that I was, I stocked up on these "no expiration date" coupons and continued using them into the 90's. I personally, made someone rich off the number of Gobstoppers that I ate through this period of time. At one point, I had a desk drawer full of these coupons. I guess you could say that I qualify as an official "Gobstopper Junkie". Mike from Ohio

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Same great taste


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