Gobstoppers - 1.77 oz box - box of 24

Gobstoppers - 1.77 oz box - box of 24


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Everlasting Gobstoppers are one of Willy Wonka's favorites. They are jaw breakers that change colors and flavors.
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

When I was a child growing up in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania, my brother and I would play a game with gobstoppers. We would call this game, "Gobstopper Rollers". We would roll the gobstoppers down a hill and you would have to catch it before it hit the bottom of the hill, and if you lost you had to give up a gobstopper. I won many times and would fill my stomach with them.
I thought this game was the best, but when my mother found out about this game, she would yell at me for making my little brother eat dirty gobstoppers. Just last month my brother died, and at his funeral I put a gobstopper in his pocket for old times sake. My fondest memory of my brother is this game. Anthony from Pennsylvania

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Posted by: Abdullah AlKulaib



Good candy


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