Fruit Stripe Gum - 1 pack

Fruit Stripe Gum - 1 pack


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Product Details

Fruit Stripe Gum... "Yipes Stripes." There are 17 pieces to a pack. Do you remember the 5 flavors and really sweet smell? It's still there! Do you remember gum-wrapper chains? Fruit Stripe is one of the few gums still being packaged in wrappers that can be made into chains.
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

I remember growing up in the 90's and I always got fruit stripe gum. I remember the very first time I discovered it. I was opening a box of Trix cereal and inside I found fruit stripe gum, I really liked the package. So far this is the best gum I've tasted. I used to get this so much I think I had every tattoo that came with it. I don't think that any other gum can compete with the one and only original fruit stripe gum, it's the best! Salpi from California
As children, we were always given the gum as a treat for helping out or special treats. One time, I was querying an elderly lady (with a cane, large bag of groceries and an umbrella) as to if I might permit her to escort her across a busy crosswalk and carry her groceries? She was not having it and said "you whippersnappers, I've been crossing the street longer than you've been alive!" She hit me with her umbrella and went along her way. My Adult, whom had seen the entire thing, and had seen me not startle the lady nor reach for anything, but politely stand with my hands behind my back as I offered help. My Adult said "this, my dear - is a lesson on how not to feel bad when other people may not understand you." And with that, I received my pack of gum at that very second. Claire from Missouri
Always had Fruit Stripes on me as I would have a pack a day. Amazing flavor but flavor went away fast which as a kid I had to get another piece. I will still buy Fruit Stripes when I do see them at the stores, which aren't many these days, but when I do I am in a great head space brought back to my childhood. Wish they where thicker strips considering the flavor is quick to go. However, I have 3 kids and I never share that I have the gum on me cause they will eat it all and one gum I refuse to lose. LOL =) Toni from Illinois

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Tina


Milestone Party

Please see my other reviews on Jaw Breakers, bubble gum Cigs, & Candy Neclaces& bracelets. I rate them 5 stars, Old Time candy id by far the best Co. to bring back childhood memeories& make new ones!!!


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