Fortune Bubble Gum

Fortune Bubble Gum - 1 stick


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Product Details

Good news! It's back. Fortune Bubble Gum was an 80s favorite that disappeared some time in the 1990s. We loved it as much for the jokes as the taste. I't's made with the same, long-lasting bubble gum taste with a hint of fruit. Yes, the jokes are still printed on wax paper. The sticks measure 2 3/4 by 3/4 inches. Get yours today.
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Candy Memories

We were all reminiscing in my parents Car Wash convenience store about when we were children and we used to trade in our $1 dollar bills for thirty-three (33) of the "Fortune Bubble" bubble gums. We were the top kids on the block!! Lawrence from New Mexico
I remember picking this up for 2 cents per piece.. Was so excited to hear the ice cream truck so I could get 5 pieces for a dime Russell from New York
In middle school (1990-1993), we walked home from school in a small town in NC. We always walked past The local Drug Store and as long as you had 1 penny, you could get a piece of fortune gum. So when we had a dollar...we went nuts! The poor, sweet lady behind the counter would have to count out a 100 pieces and place them in a little bag for us. Awe those were the days! Stacie from South Carolina

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Stefanie


Good Bubblegum

Wanted to try it out and lived up to bubble gum standards a bit hard but good flavor for a bit. Kid loved the fortunes that went along with it.


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