Flipsticks Cherry 3.75 lb tub

Flipsticks Cherry 3.75 lb tub

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Product Details

Flipsticks are chewy, fruit-flavored caramel sticks that are about 3 inches long. This plastic tub has about 192 cherry-flavored sticks.
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Warrell Corp.

Candy Memories

Born in 1953, so about 1958-1962 or so my favorite candy was red colored lipsticks. They were like pressed powdered sugar, red color with a gold paper half way up and clear cellophane over it all with ends twisted shut. About as big around as a pretzel rod and maybe 3 inches long. Bought at local stores in Ashtabula, Ohio. No one else seems to remember them. Evelyn from Ohio
Oh the red lipstick wrapped in gold foil. The best taffy ever!!! And you could use it as a lipstick too. My 3 big sisters and I would eat it and flaunt it. Those were the 80's. Nicole from Maryland
I will always remember the lipstick candy. I loved going to the neighborhood EZ Shop and getting them for a penny. I would buy several of them, along with Kits, and BB Bats. Those were the best days! Geraldine via Facebook

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