Flipsticks - cherry - 1 piece

Flipsticks - cherry - 1 piece

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Product Details

Flipsticks are chewy, fruit-flavored caramel sticks that are about 3 inches long. The ladies may remember a Candy Lipstick that looks very much like a Cherry Flipstick. It came with a gold wrapper rather than silver and actually make your lips (and face) red. Unfortunately Cherry Flipsticks will not turn your lips red. Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Warrell Corp.

Candy Memories

I must of been about seven years old. I remember my Mother walking me to the little store called "Aggies." Inside, Miss Aggie had a glass case you could look thru, and select the candy you wanted. Most was penny candy that I do not even remember seeing a name on. Some were 2 for a penny. My favorite was what I called Lipstick candy. It was wrapped in gold foil with one end showing a red color. Was the size of a lipstick.Not sure of the flavor, but boy it was good. Have not seen any since the. One cent each. Funny thing. I never tried to put it on like lipstick! Just ate it. Cathy from North Carolina
I remember walking to the small corner store with my older brothers when my parents were able to give us some change for candy, we were so excited! To my 5 year old eyes the small candy store was huge! My brothers usually chose a mixture , including "zotz" and I always went for my favorite "lipstick candy" as soon as I got it I began "painting" my lips a bright red! I felt so pretty, thought I was a princess & felt grown up! Then I ate it and enjoyed every bite! Great memories Sonia from Michigan
I remember how sweet it was sneaking off campus in elementary school to go across the street to the corner candy store for lip stick candy. I would sneak a bite in class and got busted by another student and had to share so the he would not tell the teacher. I wish I could get him back! Paul from California

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