Dubble Bubble Gum - twist wrap (short) tub of 300

Dubble Bubble Gum - twist wrap (short) tub of 300

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Product Details

Dubble Bubble short twist wrap. This is not the 1928 flavor but what the Dubble Bubble folks call the "original" bubble gum flavor.
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Concord Confections

Candy Memories

When I was younger, my parents would get me and my sister some type of candy for Valentine's Day. One year, I remember, my dad got me this huge bucket of Dubble Bubble Gum. It took me months to even get close to finishing it. When the gum finally started to run out, my whole family had started to help me eat it. The last few pieces in the bucket started to get hard because it was taking me so long to get through the whole bucket, and by the time we got to those last few pieces, we noticed it was becoming increasingly harder to chew the gum. So my sister came up with the idea to microwave the gum for a short period of time before chewing it to soften it up. It worked well and we finally finished the bucket of Dubble Bubble Gum! Samantha from Minnesota

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Evelyn L.


Same great flavor

Great bubble gum & it's just as I remembered it to be. You won't go wrong with Dubble Bubble!


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