Dots Original - 2.25 oz case of 24 boxes

Dots Original - 2.25 oz case of 24 boxes


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Product Details

Dots are chewy gum drops in assorted flavors. You might remember them as Mason Dots.
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Tootsie Roll Industries

Candy Memories

My story of Mason Dots goes back forty plus years. I remember buying Mason Dots in the five cent boxes at the local school stores. Fortunately, we had three local mom and pop stores around my grade school in Chicago. We did not have to worry about running out of Dots. My favorite Dots were the red ones, and some how, they were always the least numerous in the box. The red ones were always saved for last.
When I was in the sixth grade, we were able to purchase Dots in larger boxes during certain school candy sales. I remember there were Dots that may have been called Spice Dots. There were about four or five flavors, and I can still taste them. The closest candy that comes to mind are Mexican Hats, although the Dots were much softer. I wish they still made the Spice Dot candies, but I guess I will have to keep them as one of my many favorite childhood memories, and still keep enjoying the original Dots. Bill from Arizona

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Lou Klein



Everything as usual was perfect. Everything I purchased from you now and in the past was perfect.


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