Dots Original - 2.25 oz box

Dots Original - 2.25 oz box


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Product Details

Dots are chewy gum drops in assorted flavors. You might remember them as Mason Dots.
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Tootsie Roll Industries

Candy Memories

When we were young, my father used to take us on bike rides to the "CBS" (the candy-bar-store). This was nothing more than our local drugstore, but we used the code name so our Mom wouldn't know we were going to get candy.
I remember this one time my brother couldn't go, so just my dad and I went. Loving younger sister that I was, I got my brother some candy, too - a package of Dots. When I got home, I decided to make a scavenger hunt that would lead him various places all over the house, and then finally to where the candy was hid: Taped underneath the toilet seat! When my brother finally found the candy, he was flattered that I had thought of him, yet a little grossed out that I had hid it on the toilet. He still ate the Dots, though! Jenna from Florida
Going to church when my brother cousin and I where young an going to the pharmacy on Pondview in Goodyear Heights buying penny, nickles, and $.10 candies like dots, bats, blackjacks, honey o , dick and Jane's , red vines best memories of a simpler time Jill from Ohio
When I was a young man I would take the box after it was empty and hum into it during the intermission in the movies and it used to make the funniest sound. We always got yelled at! Ron from New York

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Isobel Bilyk


Sweet Tooth

Fresh, soft chewy flavour! Great candy!


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