We are sad to announce that Orangeheads have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Orangeheads were small panned candies with a tart orange flavor.

Candy Memories...
That is amazing -- I had forgotten about OrangeHeads! When my brother and sisters and I were little, we used to walk to the store together to get candy. I remember thinking about LemonHeads the whole way to the store -- two blocks was a long way for a four year old! We got there, and they were out of LemonHeads, but had something in their place called OrangeHeads. I pouted and fumed a little, and then bought the OrangeHeads. I had found my new favorite candy! When we moved two years later, we could not find OrangeHeads anywhere, which led to more fuming and a shift back to LemonHeads. And a visit to your site brought all those memories of OrangeHeads back to me! ~ Jack from Alaska

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