Licorice Babies

We are sad to announce that Licorice Babies have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please consider Chocolate Babies.

Licorice Babies are licorice mellocream candies shaped like babies about 1 inch long. They have the texture of candy corn. 

Candy Memories...
As I was growing up in Dayton, Ohio, I lived about two blocks from a large hospital that happened to be on my way to and from my elementary school. I would always love to stop in to see what "penny" candies they carried - when they were really a penny!!! One of my - and my mother's, grandmother's - favorites was licorice babies... and I would often spend my pennies (nickels, dimes, quarters occasionally) to treat all of us. This hospital carried these "babies" for many years......up until my mother's best friend was admitted fighting breast cancer (around 1962). As I would stop by every day to see her (she taught my little fingers to embroider and knit) I would always get a small bag to share at home.... I still miss our friend who succumbed to cancer, and when I can find them, still share to this day my "babies" with my mother - we still love licorice! ~ Sherry from Georgia

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