Hot Dog Bubble Gum

Please notice: We are sad to announce that Hot Dog Bubble Gum has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Hot Dog Bubble Gum is a cinnamon flavored bubble gum, two hot dogs per package. The outside has a candy shell that once penetrated gives way to a hot cinnamon bubble gum inside. Each hot dog is about 2 inches long.


Candy Memories...
When I was a child we would travel from our home in Indianapolis to visit "Uncle Glen" and his family in Milwaukee. No visit was complete without a trip to the "popcorn wagon." We would all be given a dollar and told to buy whatever candy we wanted from the vast selection of penny candies. This was in the '60's so that dollar went a long way to buy a bag bulging with candy. No bag was complete without Hot Dog Gum. My sister and brother and I would savor our Hot Dog Gum and eat it last. In all the years that I have been alive, this website is the first time I have seen Hot Dog Gum. The "Uncle Glen" is gone, Popcorn Wagon is history, I have grown kids of my own, but my childhood lives on now that I have found a source for Hot Dog Gum! ~ Cindy from Indiana

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