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Chocolate Cigarettes

We are sad to announce that Chocolate Cigarettes have been discontinued. The manufacturer went out of business.

Chocolate Cigarettes or in the new millennium they are called "Quality Sticks." There are 10 sticks per pack, each one wrapped in white paper to look like a cigarette!

Candy Memories...
Ahh... the mere mention of chocolate cigarettes brings me back to the days when it was "cool" to have a cigarette, but we were way to young to smoke. My sisters and I would walk to the downtown (which, where we lived, was only four blocks long). Each of us had some money to spend at the candy store. Most of the time my purchase was a box of chocolate cigarettes.
When we got outside the store, we each dove into our bags of candy. I took out my chocolate cigarettes, pulled one from the box, and held it in my hand the way I'd seen the grown-ups do. It was hard for me to resist the smell of the chocolate inside the wrapper, so my pretend cigarettes were devoured in a jiffy! ~ Anne from New Jersey

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