Dentyne Gum - 1 pack

Dentyne Gum - 1 pack


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Dentyne Gum original flavor and the package says it all, "Taste the Tingle." Each pack has 18 sticks of this breath freshening gum.
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Mondelez Global

Candy Memories

My childhood memories of Dentyne Gum are very comforting to me. I was adopted at the age of 5, to a military couple with one child of their own. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. I visited and spent Saturday or Sunday with them for along time before I was officially "adopted". Every visit they would give me "Dentyne Gum". I thought that these people were the BEST! They must really like me.
After the adoption, life was grand. I had a sister that was 4 years older myself, she became my idol. It was not long after that my father was transferred to Germany, He went and six months later, my Mother, sister and I were on a plane to Germany.
Germany was a wonderful place. There was just a couple of things that we could not get in Germany that we were used to, and one of them was "Dentyne Gum". It was not too long before our first "Care Package" from my Grandmother in the US.
I will never forget, my mother opening the box of goodies, cutting the tape, opening the flaps on the box. What was on the very top of the box? You got it. "Dentyne Gum" and there must have been 15 pkgs. At that time I did not think that life could be better. To this day, (40 years later) Dentyne still brings a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside of me. Karen from North Carolina

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Nina



It's been YEARS since I've had original Dentyne Gum. I grew up with it as a child and was very pleasantly surprised to find it available again. This gum tastes just like I remembered it!


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