Crows - 6.5 oz theater box

Crows - 6.5 oz theater box - case of 12


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Product Details

Crows are licorice gum drops. You probably remember them as Mason Black Crows.
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Tootsie Roll Industries

Candy Memories

Mason's Black Crows were a favorite of mine from the very beginning. My first memory of eating them was going to the movies with my parents on Friday nights. Dad would buy a box of Black Crows for me, popcorn for him, and a coke for Mom. (They'd share with me, of course).
I loved those Crows so much that I'd make them last and last throughout the double features, news reel and cartoons, taking little bites at a time or just sucking on them to enjoy the wonderful flavor. When I got home from the movies, I'd run to a mirror and open my mouth to make sure I had that tell-tale black tongue from the licorice.
Funny thing, but my little friends did the same thing, too. If they were lucky enough to have a few cents to buy some Crows, they'd greet me by opening their mouths and sticking out their tongues. I did the same thing, too.Later on in years, when I was expecting my daughter, I craved those Crows. Every time I found boxes for sale, I'd buy at least two or three. I still made them last and last. My husband said I was a squirrel because I'd put the boxes away and would only get a few out at a time to enjoy.
My daughter is a licorice fan now, too. she has her own children, and of course they love licorice as well. One day recently, we all enjoyed some Crows. It was right down memory lane. Guess what we did?... Stuck out our tongues to compare whose was the blackest.... It was great! Sherry from California

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: charlene obara


black crows

It was so good to have them in my possession again....have not found them in a store for a long time. I shared them with some friends and we all enjoyed them again. They were really fresh.


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