Zotz History

Zotz is a candy with a fizzy, sour center. It looks and tastes like a regular hard candy, but when you bite into the center there is a sour fizzing taste because of the powder reacting with saliva. Zotz are an Italian made candy that were first introduced into the US in 1968.

Zotz Memories

Growing up with a little brother was, at times, trying to say the least. I was three years older than him and it seemed like all he wanted to do was be under my feet. Anything I did he had to be right beside me and everything I had, he wanted.

This, of course, didn't sit well with an older, more worldly boy of ten, such as myself. I finally felt I needed some way to stop this tag-along in his tracks. I went to the local candy store one day and just happened to see a candy named Zotz Sours.

The lady behind the counter told me they were terribly sour. I thought to myself, that if these were horrible enough, maybe he would think twice about always having to have everything I had. As I was walking home the store he came running after me asking if he could have some of what was in the bag without even knowing what it was. I acted as if I was angry and finally said sure.

He opened the pack and chomped one then another until they were all gone! I was amazed even more when he asked for more. I popped one in my mouth and I bit it and even though it was sour it was the best candy I ever ate. From that day forward Zotz Sours was my favorite candy and I made a conscious effort to spend at least a little time with my brother. After all if he hadn't been such a pain then I may never of happened onto the best candy in the world - Zotz Sours. ~ Tom from Missouri

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