Zagnut History

Zagnut candy bar was originally produced by the DL Clark Company in 1930. The origin of the name Zagnut is uncertain. The "nut" part probably comes from either the coconut coating or the peanut center, while the "zag" could be a reference to zigzag, which was a slang phrase popular in the 1930s. Today, Zagnut is made by The Hershey Company.

Zagnut Memories

Zagnut box

My childhood memories go back many many years. As a young girl I always loved peanut butter & coconut and when my parents first bought me a Zagnut bar I didn't want any other. Although sometimes they would buy other candy too, which I would eat, BUT, I always saved the Zagnut for last.... also I ate it very slowly to savor every bite and crumb that would fall in my hand.

One day on a family picnic, my mom gave me a zagnut bar to share with my sister and told me to play with her on the swings. Well I put her on the titter/totter and I weighed more, so I sat on the bottom and raised her to the top and didn't let her down until I finished my delicious zagnut bar! What a memory that brings back of my childhood and love of my favorite candy bar. ~ Beverly from Florida

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