Whirly Pops

Whirly Pops are jumbo lollipops, just like the ones we used to get at the circus or county fair. They range is size from 3 to 6.5 inches in diameter.

Please notice: Whirly Pops are very fragile and breakage may occur in shipment. We will do our best to pack it but we cannot offer refunds or returns.

We also have Unicorn Pops.

Whirly Pops Memories

My favorite part of the summer was always when my parents took us to Six Flags. It was a big deal; the whole family would pile into the car and make the hour drive talking about what rides we would go on and what shows we would see.

And I would always bounce around the back screaming that I wanted a HUGE lollipop, as I was the typical youngest child.

We would finally enter the park after what seemed like days of waiting, and my elder sister and I would take off at a run for the candy cart and stand there all jittery waiting for our parents to catch up. I would always get the Jumbo Lollipop and she would get cotton candy. I savored that lollipop. I always kept the wrapper on the stick so I could go on a ride and not have to worry about it getting buggy while my mother held it for me.

It always lasted through the entire day at the park and then on the ride back I would finish it to make the fun day last though the car ride. ~ Holli from Illinois

I remember as a child we would travel to different places on summer holidays, like Chatham and Woods Hole on Cape Cod, or Booth Bay Harbor in Maine or Mystic, Connecticut. These places were quaint little seaside villages with many little shops of interest. As a child, I vividly remember always looking forward to finding the candy store in these villages, and nothing caught my eye more than the biggest and brightest lollipops. They were always in a large, inviting display and their size, shape and bright, swirling colors were just magic to me. It was as if they were an edible magic wand.

To actually buy and begin to eat one always made me feel like I had acquired something that was very special. And in fact I usually did not eat it right away, instead I enjoyed feeling its weight inside the bag and I would peek in at it and marvel at it. Amidst all the goodie bags that are now given out at children's birthday parties, filled with all manner of little candies and forgettable trinkets, this year at my 5 year old daughter's birthday I will be giving one goodie.

Each child will recieve the biggest lollipop that you carry, tied with a bright satin ribbon, and that is all. And I know that upon receiving this huge, bright, swirly pop each child will have a sparkle in their eye, and feel they have been given something really fun, and very special to savor. ~Maria from Massachusetts

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