Wax Bottles (Nik-L-Nips)

Wax Bottles (Nik-L-Nips) History

We always called them Wax Bottles but officially they are known as Nik-L-Nips. Whatever you call them they are small wax bottles with flavored syrup inside. First bite off the top, suck out the liquid and then chew the wax, just like gum. Cry Baby has a sour version.

Wax Bottles (Nik-L-Nips) Memories

I have fond memories of the wax bottles filled with “juice”. In the mid 50’s, my mom worked at a small ice cream store that had a large candy counter. Any time they received a supply of some new type of candy, she would bring me a small bag for me to give my expert review. The bag always included some of my favorites featuring the wax bottles. Sometimes the wax was in other shapes featuring tools, toys, and cars & trucks. I’d play with these for hours before finally consuming the juice.

Sometimes I would go with my dad to pick up my mom from work and I’d go into the store and review the candy selection. My mom would hand me a bag and let me pick out my own goodies. I remember one time they had the wax tools and I spent the longest time picking through the box trying to find all the different tools and get one with each of the different flavors. Mom finally yelled at me to finish up so we could get home and have dinner. Dinner? Who needs dinner with you have a bag of wax filled with juice? ~ Don from Florida

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