Super Ropes

Super Ropes History

American Licorice Company first developed a rope candy in 1955. It was sold unwrapped in black licorice only. In 1970 the Super Ropes® brand that we know and love today was introduced. It was an immediate hit with both consumers and retailers because the wrapped version of the candy was fresher and easier to carry.

Super Ropes found an instant home in concession stands at all types of venues from ballparks and amusement parks to roller skating rinks.

Super Ropes Memories

When I was a little boy my dad would always buy me licorice ropes for a special treat. He was in the Air Force and often was away for holidays and birthdays. No matter where he was though, he always sent me a gift along with a dozen licorice ropes. Of all the gifts I would receive, those licorice ropes were always the best gift, as I knew they were given with love.

The year I turned 8 my dad was in Vietnam. It seemed as if my whole world was turned upside down and I dreaded the day of my birthday. My mother did everything she could to make it a wonderful birthday but as I opened my presents I knew that something was missing. I brought my presents to my bedroom and sat by my window looking at the stars.

All of a sudden I heard the doorbell and my mother called me down to the living room. A young Airman, who was returning from Vietnam after serving with my dad, had a box in his hand. He asked if I was Andrew and I said yes. He gave me the box and said that it was from my dad. I slowly opened the box and there inside were a dozen licorice ropes with a note saying "Happy birthday to the best son in the world."

To know that my dad was in harms way, yet took the time to make sure I received my special birthday gift, made me realize just how special a dad he really was. Now as my grandchildren and I shared licorice ropes and confidences on warm summer nights, I also share with her the story of the night a little boys wish came true. ~ Andrew from New York

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