Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy History

This popular sucker was invented by Robert Welch in 1925 and was originally called the Papa Sucker. Various slogans were tried for the new caramel sucker and the one selected was "Of all the pop family, this is the Papa.  

The name changed around 1932 to Sugar Daddy which was a popular expression at the time. It suggested a wealth of sweetness. Below is a magazine ad from 1976 which includes the Sugar Mama (1965) and Sugar Baby (1935). Sugar Baby is still available but the Sugar Mamas (chocolate covered Sugar Daddies) were discontinued in the 80s.

Some of you may remember giant Sugar Daddies made as a promotion for the Billie Jean King - Bobby Riggs tennis match. They weighed a pound each. The makers of Sugar Daddies sponsored the tennis match billed as the "Battle of the Sexes" on Sept. 20, 1973.

Sugar Daddy Memories

Sugar Daddy

I remember in the 60's Mother buying us Sugar Daddy’s for 5 cents. I would always refrigerate mine and lick it during the nightly movie. I used to dip it into milk, stretch it long and make it last. I also have fallen asleep with one and find it stuck to my cheek, stick it back in my mouth only to find the next morning while removing my gown it would now be on my chest.

I've gotten plenty laughs from friends, describing how I eat my Sugar Daddy, dipping it in milk, freezing and stretching. It does sound funny when they don't know you’re talking about a sucker! For my 50th birthday my sister gave me a box of these. I love them and am reminded of my childhood of Mother, my brother and 2 sisters watching T.V. and silently slurping on our Sugar Daddy’s! ~Erin from Alabama

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