Spearmint Leaves

Spearmint Leaves Memories

As often as possible on a Saturday, I would trek to the local movie house. On the way I would detour to the drug store and purchase spearmint leaves which sold for a nickel.  

The movie house offered two second run movies that played continuously. I always seemed to arrive in the middle of one of the movies. I would watch the end of the first movie, all of the second, and the beginning of the first movie. (Sometimes the 1st all the way through if I like it.)

My budget allowed movie admission, popcorn, and the spearmint leaves. I could stay in the theater until my movie lust was sated and my candy supply depleted.

Nowadays movie going is more regimented, but I still cannot go to a movie theater without buying popcorn and smuggling in spearmint leaves. ~ Lillian from Maine

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